Odin’s Warriors MC Inverell Tattoo Show

The boys are onto a winner with their tattoo show in Inverell.

ONCE I HEARD the Odin’s were having a tattoo show, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Me and the missus turned up early to have a few drinks and catch up with some familiar faces before the rush.

As morning turned into lunchtime, the crowd was growing and there was an increasing amount of ink coming through the gate. For their tattoo show, the Odin’s had a good turn-out.

At about 3 pm, it was time to get things started.

The Female Arm section was first and wow! How good are these girls and their tatts! The three judges had their work cut out, let me tell ya. The guys were next and shit! Some of these guys looked like a bloody canvas — so much work and so much colour — fucking unbelievable! So many guys and girls, in so many categories, on stage showing off their tattoos. The contestants just kept coming!

The crowd loved it — the eruption of applause after ever category was amazing. This was turning into a great day of ink display. Even the missus got up and got her thigh out with her locket and ribbon tattoo on it. Nice legs, babe.

After a few hours of ink display, the judges were off to the bar to pick some winners — yeah, good luck, guys. The band started pumping out tunes as everyone waited for the results, and we headed to the bar for a few drinks and a bite to eat.

Half an hour later and the judges were ready. It time to present the winners with their trophies, and by the way the crowed reacted, they got it right. The missus didn’t win but better luck next year, babe.

Queensland tattoo show

What a great tattoo show this turned out to be. Great tatts, cold drinks and heaps of food.

Words & pics by Big Jim

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