Odin’s Warriors MC Inverell Bike Show

It was on again and I was glad to be there—it’s more like a festival than a bike show.

WE ARRIVED at the clubhouse at about 10 am and already there was a steady flow of bikes coming through the gate. The clubhouse was filling up quickly and I’ve never seen so many different types of bikes together in the one spot; it was something to see.

The first band was setting up getting ready to belt out some tunes (one of five bands for the day) and you could hear the bikes rumbling down the road towards the clubhouse; it was a great sound to hear.

Inside the show was in full-swing; people wandering around drinking and eating, checking out all the bikes.

There were a few freestyle dirt-bike guys doing some big jumps and stunts at the rear of the clubhouse to the cheers of the crowd; these guys were farkin good. One of the guys landed a bit hard and fell off; the crowd loved it… and we all love a good stack.

It was more like a festival than a bike show. There were marquees set up everywhere selling hotdogs, roast rolls, bike cloths and accessories, bike parts, and you could even buy bikes. There was fairy-floss for the kids and even a jumping castle that some of the bigger kids had a go at later in the day. This is a family event that should not be missed.

The bikes kept coming and coming and I thought where the fuck is everyone going to park; this place was just about full.

Just after lunch the judges went around to try and decide winners for all the categories, Yeah, good luck—too many bikes for me.

So while they were trying to judge, we sat back and listened to the bands belt out some great tunes and have a few drinks with some of the guys.

The judge’s decisions are in so Steve and Jimmy took to the stage to announce the winners and hand out the trophies to the eager crowd.

It was now time for the burn-out comp, Have you ever seen a turbo charged Yamaha Warrior in a burn-out comp? Un-fuckin-believable! The noise and smoke—fuck me, that’s my hearing gone. You’d think it would win, right. Well guess again—the winner was a regular guy to this event on a little Jap bike, but when you keep going until you blow a tyre and the tube lets go, and hot rubber goes up your back and smashes the number plate and the back off the bike, well, that’s a WINNER! And the prize for this was a new tyre—just what he needed.

So as the sun set on a great day at the OWMC Inverell Bike Show, the fourth band got underway; it was time to sit back have a few drinks and catch with the guys.

words & pics by Big Jim

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  1. I won the last burnout comp at odins inverell bike show ( i think it was 2013) was told by photographer it would be published,have never seen it in the issue nor on the net. It was a 2012 fxdwg which i totally destroyed the arse end and folded gaurd under to the indicators. Would you be able to hunt down some pictures.thanks.

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