Long Flat Pub Rally

You're up early and riding in a drizzle — guess you must be on your way to the Long Flat Rally because that’s the way the weather normally is.

THIS annual run has been going for more than 30 years and is very popular with bikers from NSW and Qld; they even get riders from Victoria and South Australia. It’s held at the Traveller’s Rest Hotel on the Oxley Highway 40 km west of Wauchope; everyone is welcome. There’s a lot of camping areas to choose from, but since we come every year, we have our favourite spot.

When all your gear’s been stored and your camp’s set, it’s time to head to the pub for a cold drink. It’s only a short walk from camp to pub so you can get shit-faced if you want. There’s normally a band playing to get you in the mood; and nobody cares if you howl at the moon.

If you have the money to spare and you brought a backup tyre, then the burnout is a great event; it didn’t take long for the bikes to disappear in a cloud of smoke; it’s certainly a crowd pleaser.

In the morning, it’s like a bee hive with the tents coming down. For us, it was an early start for the long ride home; for the locals, it was party time until the band finished later in the day. It’s pretty damn slippery getting your bike up the slope back onto the road, but there’s plenty of helpers to give her a good old push from behind.

words & photos by Mark Yardley

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