I Remember When

HELLO Ozbike. I was just reading the article written by Kelly Ashton regarding the Bathurst Bike Races. I found it so interesting — I was there!

It was a different time in those days. The bikes were a lot of fun, easy to work on, and the races were a great party. Still remember the random breast testing at the gate. We would travel to Bathurst from Wollongong, approx 30 of us, and camp on top of The Mountain.

One year I took my sidecar and we went looking for firewood — found a home being built and started bringing the wood to the campsite. Four or five trips with 10 foot lengths of 4 x 2 past the cops and they didn’t stop us once.

Still remember the riot; had a look on YouTube; not much to see.

Love the magazine.

I Remember When Ozbike


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