Harley-Davidson Handlebar Replacement Parts by Colony

LOOKING THROUGH the inventory at Redgrave Motorcycles we found a massive range of handlebars and handlebar related parts made by Colony who specialise in manufacturing replacement fasteners specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

A large portion of the handlebar parts are for the springer handlebars used on Harleys from 1936 through to 1949. All the pieces needed to bring these beautiful bars back to as-new condition are available. These pieces are unique to Harley-Davidson and certainly not available at the local hardware store.

handlebars 1

A Genuine H-D accessory is the handlebar riser cover to suit 1949 to 1959 models. If you are restoring a Hydra-Glide or early Duo-Glide and are lucky enough to find one of these covers, Colony makes a kit with the correct hardware to install it. The components are exact duplicates of the original studs and acorn nuts. The studs replace the original top clamp screws used only if the cover was not requested. The cover then sits on top, retained by the four acorn nuts after final adjustments have been made.

Unfortunately, after some parts are installed, they will never be seen again. A good example of this is the Harley-Davidson internal handlebar controls for the throttle and advance/retard cables. These are a work of art. This is the way things were done back then, and Colony has duplicated these complex components perfectly.

handlebars 2

With the twist-grip removed, the pin and rollers are exposed and the principal of the internal throttle is revealed. The assembly is directed from one end of the slot by the spiral in the twist-grip.

handlebars 3

All the components required to assemble the internal cables.

handlebars 4

After completely overhauling a set of these bars and installing them on the bike, new high tensile pinch bolts secure the handlebar assembly to the top of the front fork.

Nickle-plated handlebar end screws are available to cover all the year groups of bars with internal controls. These fine-threaded screws retain the spiral twist grips, the clever device that makes the internal cabling possible. A total of four versions were used on Harleys between 1910 and 1974 with some overlap here and there. The rollers and pin kits which travel back and forth in the handlebar with the plunger are available to cover all applications.

Also from Colony, clamps are available to secure both the throttle cable and advance/retard cable at the carburetor and the timer base respectively, ensuring smooth, precise operation.

handlebars 6

Early clutch and brake levers can be brought back to life with this kit. All the hardware required to assemble 1941—1964 levers is included.

handlebars 7

If you are tidying up a mid 70’s early 80’s FL or XL, this little kit comes with the correct Allen screws and Nyloc nuts for the handlebar clamp. Beautifully chrome plated ready to go, these items are actually cheaper than sourcing the correct screws and having the plating done.

handlebars 8

Adding some detail to 1996 and up Big Twins and Sportsters, this kit includes everything required to mount the master cylinder, master cylinder cap, and clutch lever in chromed button heads.

handlebars 9

Standard replacement rubber bushing kits are available for people who like to maintain the original soft feel in their handlebars, just the way the factory set them up. These new rubber bushings and crush tubes restore bars back to this original feel.

handlebars 10

If you like a firmer, more positive feel, Colony offers a kit which features high density poly instead of rubber to stiffen up the feel.

Both of these kits can be further enhanced with the addition of decorative chrome-plated washers and covers.

handlebars 11

The riser washers pictured are a high quality replacement of the originals. There is also another set available where the chrome-plated washers are machined heavier than stock to eliminate cupping.

All Colony products are made in the USA and meet or exceed OEM specifications. The chrome-plated parts come ready to use with none of the usual problems associated with having nuts and bolts plated. As well as attractive chrome-plating, Colony offers restoration grade cadmium-plating and Parkerizing for the purists.

All these parts are in stock at Redgrave Motorcycles and a free catalogue is available upon request.

Redgrave Motorcycles, 10/10 Pioneer Ave, Thornleigh NSW 2120; 02-9484-9900.

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