Get Down with the Clown

PASSION IS the word for it. I just love choppers and when I get a new idea or design in my head—that’s it—I have to make it a reality.

Look, a chopper is a chopper and the style always has a baseline—the rake, the stretch and the low seating position—that’s what choppers are all about—but never forget that all the subtle variations make one chopper different from the next. That’s what I usually start with, small variations and different ideas, and it all slowly comes together.

Also, many things and ideas get changed along the way in the building process. Just a different paint style can change a chopper’s appearance radically.

Everything adds up in the end. You just have to be careful that all your ideas blend in and don’t clash with each other. 

This latest chopper has a few changes compared to my last one, the main ones being the springer front-end, higher handlebars, the conventional hand clutch, and alloy wheels which really suit this bike.

I wanted it to look mean so black was the paint choice; flames and the trademark mean clown’s head topped it off.

This bike really gets the front wheel in the air. I think the 124 cube engine is a freak one because it lifts the front wheel no problems. It’s running a right-side-drive and three-inch primary which are the best way to go these days.

On top of all the goodies this bike is really fun to ride. That’s what it all about for me—just having fun and enjoying riding what you have designed in your head and brought to life in the workshop.

pics by Tony; words by Stu

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