Harley-Davidson Evo Gem at the Gym

The tyre is reasonably thick at 200 cm; it looks sexy and still lets Andrew have a good ride instead of fighting the bike with thicker rubber.

“ANDREW,” I say into the phone, “I’ve arranged to take some photos of your bike.”

There is a sigh and a long pause at the other end of the line. “Sorry, George, you’re too late—I sold the bike yesterday!”

Now it’s my turn to sigh. I say only one word: “Fuuuuck!”

“The guy is coming for the bike tomorrow,” says Andrew.

There is still hope for me. Time for a bit of bullshit, “Andrew,” I say sincerely, “I’ve already booked the gym for the shoot tomorrow! Do you want me to have a problem at work?”

“What problem?” asks the voice on the other side.

“Skol will beat me up!” I lie to him.

“Are you serious, George?”

“Man, would I lie to you?”

Actually, I had to lie—I’d already told Skol (Ozbike Publisher) I could get another bike shot before the long weekend and I didn’t want to lose my job as Thurd Assistant Editor.

There is another long sigh, “I will see what can I do for you, George.”

The line is disconnected and I ring Karen, the Manager of the PCYC gym I go to.

“Karen,” I say, “I urgently need the gym for a photo shoot. The guy who owns the bike is moving interstate and tomorrow is his last day in Sydney!”

But Karen doesn’t take the hook, “Sure, no problem,” she says, “but I need your boss to ring me first to get approval!”

“No worries,” I say—but I’m worried very much!

The phone is ringing. “Hello,” I answer.

Andrew is on the other line, “Okay, George, what time tomorrow?”

“Be at my place at 10 am,” I say, “Everything is sweet.”

He puts the phone down and goes to polish his bike. Meanwhile, I ring Skol who, luckily, is in a good mood.

“Yeah, no sweat; I’ll ring Karen straight away,” says Skol.

“Now that was way too easy. Skol must be up to something,” I say to myself.

“And next week,” Skol continues, “can you give me a hand with the subscriptions? I’ve got a coupla thousand magazines for you to put in envelopes.”

Damn! It’s a hard life being Thurd Assistant Editor.

Harley-Davidson chopper

The PCYC (Police and Community Youth Club) gym we took Andrew’s bike to was well equipped. The PCYC organisation does a great job of providing opportunities for adults and kids, keeping them out of trouble by allowing them to use the gym instead of spending their free time on the streets. The gym has a weightlifting section, games room, a basketball area, a boxing ring, and a hall for sporting activities when the weather is not the best. The kids even have their own trainers. The club provides regular sporting activities in conjunction with the Department of Sport and Recreation, alternate schooling programs, school holiday outings, sporting activities for volleyball, gymnastic, futsal, Junior Rugby League, dancing, and karate. Thumbs up PCYC! In my area they are in Shalvey and Bidwill. The shooting was arranged at the Shalvey branch.

The morning when Andrew arrives at my place I’m still in bed with the pillow over my head. I suppose I could pretend I’m sick but since I don’t have any life insurance, I climb out of bed and prepare for work. Actually, I like taking photos and this bike invites me to do just that. It stands in the gym like it belongs there. Gyms and bikes mix well, I reckon—both are about real muscle and sweat. While I’m taking the photos, Greg, one of the trainers, helps out with moving equipment and posing for the photos with Andrew.

Andrew’s custom bike was built from the ground up. It sports a frame with a 38 degree rake and Zodiac petrol tank. The rear guard covers an 8-inch Dragway wheel. The tyre is reasonably thick at 200 cm; it looks sexy and still lets Andrew have a good ride instead of fighting the bike with thicker rubber. West Coast supplied the front guard. The rotors and calipers on both ends are PM.

The Evo engine didn’t cop much alternation; Andrew only provided it with a head massage. The carby is Mikuni and the pipes are Vance & Hines. The paint job was done by Blake at Killer Custom in Penrith.

The best part of the shoot was when Andrew let me take his custom gem for a spin around town. Sensational! Although, now that he’s sold the bike, I’m not sure where the speeding fines will be sent.

words & pics by George Lang.

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