Game Over Fat Max Harley-Davidson

Game Over Cycles, Polish custom bike manufacturer and owner of GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszów, the largest H-D dealership in the Central-Eastern Europe, presents its latest project…

THE inspiration of the customisation of this Harley-Davidson are vehicles from the Mad Max movies. Therefore, right from the start, it was had to be an aggressive, very fast motorcycle that can cope with every terrain. The 114-inch Fat Bob in its basic version is a very dynamic motorcycle, and the customisation based on elements taken from the Mad Max film series intensifies both its appearance and functionality.

The combination of the base model name and the movie title gave birth to vehicle’s name: Fat Max.

In the Mad Max series the vehicles were built from parts that could be found in the post-apocalyptic world. Fat Max is the embodiment of dirt, chaos and aggression characteristic of the climate of Mad Max films while maintaining the reliable functionality of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In construction new parts have been selected or modified to emphasise the aggressive nature of the vehicle and at the same time to be fully functional.

Game Over Cycles created not only a motorcycle that could be created in the post-apocalypse world, but also one which would allow to survive in it. In a lonely fight, the hero escapes or chases; his only companion is death breathing down his neck. Therefore, the modification of the motorcycle is based on the elements that protect the body of the rider and also give the machine significant power.

The front plow (front cover of the frame at the bottom of the engine) gives the motorcycle a more aggressive look and at the same time protects the engine. The steering wheel covers protect driver’s hands from cold and objects. The front windshield is based on armoured plate to protect against objects.

Using custom parts from the Harley-Davidson Brass Collection series gives the motorcycle its raw appearance. Additional attraction are quotes from Mad Max films as part of vehicle’s painting by Moto-Paint.

words by Chris Bienkiewicz

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