FAT n LOW Big Bear Chopper

RICHARD had a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and various BMW bikes. Enter Ozbike mag and its unholy influence on his soul. After seeing the many righteous choppers featured in Ozbike, he decided to build one for himself.

Richard lives in picturesque Batemans Bay on South Coast of NSW. His bike is so well made I was expecting that he’d be in the trade. Not so. Richard is a local real estate valuer.

When he set out to build himself a chopper, he decided he had to have a big motherfucker engine. Also, the design had to flow and the paint be outstanding.

It took him six months to put his chopper together and he paid attention to every detail; he even designed the murals.

It’s worth drawing attention to the handlebars. The wiring runs inside and the handlebars switches are so subtle you hardly notice them. The handlebars were a big headache as he wanted them to match the shape of tank while ensuring comfortable steering.

Richard wanted an outstanding fat and low chopper and the final result is everything he wanted, mate! The proof came in winning People’s Choice in the South Coast Bike Show; he also took home the trophy for Best Paint.

I suggested to Richard that we get some local talent on his bike for the photoshoot but he said that the community pretty much lacks any hot sheilas. Just to make sure, I went to the local disco that night and fell asleep at 9 pm. Richard says the Batemans Bay air does that to people. I am not surprised Batemans Bay has a small population as it must be hard to copulate while asleep…

Words & pics by George

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