Cast Iron Classics

Motorcycles of North Queensland by Raymond V Grigg

EVERY Australian motorbike rider should have a copy of this magnificent book. It is beautifully presented—great photos, great artwork, great stories—and would make a proud addition to anyone’s collection of biker paraphernalia. 

Raymond has been riding classic motorcycles for more than 40 years, and now as a member of the Townsville Restored Motorcycles Club, has been watching some real classic bikes disappear for one reason or another, and sadly, some of their owners have also passed away. That got him to thinking about once these guys were gone, their stories would be gone with them… hence he decided to publish a book on them and their history.

Cast Iron Classics is dedicated to the men and women of North Queensland who rode, and will continue to ride until their times comes. It ties together many short stories about their adventures, their bikes, especially during the glory days of British bikes, until today. Congratulations Raymond—great job.

Cast Iron Classics was written by a Queenslander, in North Queensland about North Queenslanders, and even printed in Queensland (not some Asian sweatshop). Cost is $30 (plus $12.50 postage to anywhere in Oz). To order your copy, email Raymond at:

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