Bespoke Harley-Davidson Street 500

This is probably the best custom Street 500 in Australia.

I STARTED with a standard Harley-Davidson Street 500 off the floor at Frasers and stripped it down. My brief was to create a cool-looking Street 500 within a certain budget.

The original cast wheels were replaced with spoked wheels and Metzeler Karoo tyres. The rear wheel is from a Harley Street Bob; the front from a Harley Nightster; we had to machine spacers to make them fit. The Street Bob hub didn’t allow the use of the original sprocket — the belts were different too — so I fitted a chain drive using sprocket blanks which I had to machine to fit. It’s the standard rear guard trimmed down to make it a bit more slim-line.

I like the new Sportster shocks on the rear; I had to machine the bushes so they’d work with the Street 500.

The Renthal handlebars and grips have been tidied up with after-market switches. The Brembro front brake and master cylinder are off a Ducati.

They are LED stop/tail/turn lights on the rear.

The seat is standard, just trimmed down and re-upholstered.

The tank has been pulled back an inch and lifted an inch-and-a-half at the front.

I raised the front guard up under the Street Bob headlight and fabricated a fork brace.

The exhaust system was hand-made at Frasers; I had to re-locate the passenger peg to clear the exhaust.

I custom-made an air-filter housing with fitted a Harley-Davidson cover over it.

The paintwork was applied by Mark at Sydney Custom Spraypainting. The tank badge is similar to the old Heritage badge; in fact, the whole paint scheme is in similar colours to the old Heritage to give it a little bit of nostalgia.

Finally, I had to extend the sidestand a little because the bike is so much taller than an original Street 500.

Photos by Huck Finn; words by Elliot at Fraser Motorcycles in Sydney

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