Ballistic SuperCharged Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

I definitely had to have the 250 fat arse-end to match the Fat Boy name...

MY PASSION for motorbikes began at the early age of six. My first experience of riding a bike occurred on a Deckson Rockhopper on a family trip at Adventure Land which was then situated on the outskirts of Sydney. I recall the adrenaline rush racing through my veins as I raced up the straight overtaking other riders, missing the bend and flying over the handlebars. As the cloud of dust cleared, I stood up, brushed myself off, and had to leap back on and do it all again. All this happening at the conservative speed of 50 km/h, but at the age of six, it seemed like I was superman. From this time on my passion for bikes continued to grow, with me riding ever increasingly powerful motocross and road bikes.

My introduction into Harley-Davidsons began when I was holidaying on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. My two best mates, Rob and Slav, had moved up there the previous year and both had purchased Harleys. During my visit I had the opportunity to go riding with Rob on Slav’s bike (as he went fishing for the day, as you do when you live on the Sunshine Coast).

We travelled through the undulating rolling mountains and bends stopping at country town pubs for a beer and a counter lunch. The roar and hum of the bike as it echoed through the mountains was like sweet music to my ears.

Back home in Sydney all that raced through my mind was that I had to get a Harley. I purchased a silver 15th Anniversary Fat Boy.

I spent many months reading through bike magazines (Ozbike being my favourite) searching for ideas to create my own unique style of bike but keeping the Fat Boy theme. I would converse with Rob and my mate Wolfgang discussing and deciding on what was right for this build. I definitely had to have the 250 fat arse-end to match the Fat Boy name and I ended up using a Heartland 250 kit.

My passion for acceleration is still in my blood — that’s why I added that big chunk of alloy off the side of the motor.

I added Fournales suspension which gives the bike a nice ride.

The new paint job was the hardest decision of all. I kept the silver colour as the main base and added a bit of flair to make the bike stand out.

My wife jokes and says, “Look at the fat boy riding a Fat Boy!”

My reply to her: “You ride a fat boy too!”

Supercharged Harley Fat Boy

Pics by Walter Wall; words by Anthony

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