Badlands Load Equalizer

BADLANDS LOAD Equalizers are very popular and have been in use for many years. Whenever you want to convert 21 watt incandescent bulb-type turn signals to smaller incandescent bulb-type turn signals, halogens or even LED’s, a load equalizer is required, as the smaller lights simply do not draw enough power to get the flasher unit to work. 

As the latest models feature more and more electronic devices, the still available ‘early’ Load Equalizers won’t work anymore. Badlands developed a new, solid state Load Equalizer III for Harley-Davidsons equipped with the HFSM or TSSM security/alarm module or the TSM turn signal module. The Load Equalizer III works great with the new generation of Harley-Davidson modules and is compatible with virtually any of the custom turn signals available. Works great with halogen and LED’s too. Unlike others, this module allows your security system to work properly all the time. Badlands claims that if you have a security light that does not function correctly (stays on all the time) or your turn signals are blinking erratically, this module will solve any related problem.

This new solid state module also has solved the problem of having to use ceramic resistors that produce unwanted heat.

This is the only Load Equalizer designed for parade use, so you can run emergency flashers for any amount of time. 

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