A Harley-Davidson FXR Well Travelled

HERE ARE some photos of myself on my mate Rex’s ’93 FXR that he took while I was up in North Queensland earning money to buy a Knucklehead.

I hope you can use then in your Readers Rockets section.


CHLOE, our mate, recently sent you photos of herself on my FXR and you asked for more info on the bike.

The bike is a 1993 FXR, the last of them before the Dynas and the first of the Rubber Glides. I bought it new in Weipa FNQ when working in the mines up there.

I’ve changed it to a Fat Bob style over about five years. Because of mods and mechanical failures (can you believe that Harleys DO break down), it doesn’t have an original part, panel or lick of paint. Far, far, far too many mods to mention in just one article. 

It’s been around Oz twice and Phillip Island twice from up here, and when not in my workshop for repairs, as it is now, it is still the ‘go to’ bike. We’ve probably clocked up about 150,000 km on this one while still riding the others.

Chloe said to tell you she has just turned 17. She is a keen motorcycle enthusiast and is still saving for her Knuckle. She did say to tell you KNUCKLES RULE FOREVER. 

I hope that this is enough info without boring the teeth off you.


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