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Complete Transformation V-Rod

I ORIGINALLY brought the bike to make money off to flip it, as I got her cheap as chips with low km. The blue and gold details it came with just wasn’t me at all. 

I had my mate, Ian Lowe from Lowe-Airbrush, do all the custom airbrushing and I guess you could say it just escalated from there — she’s undergone a complete transformation.

The wheels were really hard to get as no-one this side of Melbourne actually dealt with RC Components anymore for whatever reason, so I had to venture over to Bikecraft Custom Cycles and put in an order through them from the States. 

The wheels are RC Components Assault — front is 26 inches; the rear 19.5 inches — all with matching brake, pulley and rotors. The wheels alone cost me just under $10k.

Once I got the wheels back to Geelong, I took it over to Luke at GWorks Custom Cycles and we had a talk about what I was after, how far I wanted to go with the build, etc. 

Once we worked out a direction it was easy — I pretty much just let Luke go for it.

I got an eight-degree rake kit with fork tube covers from McCully Customs which changed the whole stance of the bike with the bigger wheels. That’s when I realised the 16-inch apes looked shocking and decided to put internally-wired drag bars on. 

We replaced the old air bags completely with a brand new set of Arnott’s.

Everything’s been resprayed and blacked out in a high gloss. 

Luke actually fabricated custom indicators that sit inside the brake and clutch levers which was impressive. 

The worst part was the front wrap-around guard. The boys actually had to cut it down into 15 pieces because it wouldn’t fit due to the fork tube covers, and weld it back together. You couldn’t tell, as the guard sits millimetre perfect. 

David from BnB Leather did the custom, suede, diamond-stitch seat. 

Now she’s up for sale and it’s on to the next build.

Dan Whitehead

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