The Other Woman is a Harley-Davidson Sportster 11

MY BIKE, The Other Woman, was originally featured in Ozbike #399, and since the graveyard photos were taken by Top Gun Photography back in 2015, there have been a few upgrades to the bike.

I added the twin wave-lights with the blue tint glass. Why two? Well, they were cheaper to buy from Germany and just as bright as a H-D day-light; if not brighter. Also, it’s different having two. I had the lights installed and wired correctly at Harry’s Custom Bike Works who also made a custom bracket to hold them.

I replaced the skeleton-hand mirrors with skull looking ones to go with the Reaper theme.  

The blinker lenses were replaced with chrome lenses and I also changed the seat and had a Reaper embroidered into it.  

I added chrome lower-fork-tubes and stainless twisty spokes for easy cleaning as well as an aftermarket gear shift and brake pedal.

The tank has finally been finished. I had Damo change the face of the Reaper and add two Hell Hounds and a Harley-Davidson name to the sides and made my own petrol cap to finish it off.  

I fitted a spoiler and had a Hell Hound painted on that. I also got the rear fender painted with Reaper graphics and graveyard scenes with Fear the Reaper written above the new LED tail light.  

I have Damo from Zealous Airbrush Studio to thank for all the artwork on the bike over the years.

I have still left the motor stock but being dyno-tuned at ProCycle Dyno. It’s getting 85 hp and goes well. 

I take the bike to some shows and it still wins a prize now and then; the bike also appears in yearly calendars with beautiful models.  

I’d like to thank Skol for the opportunity to show off The Other Woman once again with her upgrades.

article submitted by Steve L.

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