Servicar Restoration for the Kids

Mark restored this WLA Servicar to take his young boys for a ride.

MARK IS a colourful character. He is collector of many bikes from J-models to WLAs, to his new Harleys. His favourite is this 1942, 750 cc WLA Servicar.

Mark said he was riding around on his old trusty J-model in 1995 when his two sons were aged three and five years old. He wanted to take them both for a ride so he decided to build a Harley trike. Deciding a WLA Servicar is what he needed, he set out sourcing a project bike, bits and pieces, practically anything.

He purchased the 1942 frame from a swap-meet and then started looking for parts to suit the frame. The motor came from Victoria; the three-speed reverse gear gearbox came from South Australia; the tanks, front-end, guards and wheels came from various swap-meets; the diff came from here in Perth. He even managed to swap some bloke a carton of beer for the back seat which was practical for his two boys. Bloody good swap, I say!

All the small bits and pieces he bought from new old stock from American Restorations.

Some of the parts used in the build included the 750 cc side-valve WLA motor, bored and balanced; standard clutch and original primary chain; straight through drag pipes; the original carby and Mark stayed with the original six-volt electrics.

Mark rebuilt the motor and gearbox himself; even the electric blue paint was done by yours truly. The whole build took him about 12 months.

He still remembers the smiles on his boys’ faces as he took them for their first ride — to the licensing centre to register the bike.

Since then they have been on many rides, rallies and parades, winning many shows and trophies along the way. Thirteen years on and Mark says it still looks good and is a pleasure to ride.

It won’t be long before grandkids come along and want a ride on poppy’s trike.

Motorcycling sure runs through the veins of this family. Mark and his sons race a mean, purpose-built, 1200 cc Sportster fitted with nitrous oxide down at the dirt drag meetings such as Bindoon, Westdale and Northam.

These days Mark is busy restoring many of the old collectable Harleys he’s been storing in his shed for many years. It goes to show, if you have the enthusiasm to build an older bike, you will go to any length to track down the hard-to-get bits. Good on ya, Mark.

Harley Servicar Restoration 1

Words & pics by Gazza.

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