Satin Bobber Intake

THE LATEST introduction to the ever growing line of quality intakes from Wimmer is the Satin Bobber Intake. This billet aluminium CNC machined intake features the all new IBS ‘internal breathing system’ with patented top breathers. There’s also a new curved radius and an improved mounting system. The finish is a combination of brushed aluminium with durable black satin powdercoat.

The Satin Bobber Intake has an internal tapered filter screen for protection and performance. It fits all popular carburettors and motors including all fuel injection systems, even the new drive-by-wire. A rain sock is also available for inclement weather.

Most of Wimmer’s intakes are built around a modular design so many of the components are interchangeable. Riders can easily change the elbows, stacks and filters for their own personal look. Wimmer’s intakes not only look great, but will also increase the performance and horsepower of your bike… guaranteed!

“We proudly stand at the top of our industry as the King of Intakes,” exclaimed Lee Wimmer, founder and president of Wimmer Custom Cycle. “For the past 10 years, Wimmer has stayed on the cutting edge of technology, producing some of the best intakes on the market. Top custom bike builders and award winning bikes from around the globe use Wimmer intakes.”

For further information on intakes, please visit: Dealer inquiries invited.

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