Rebels MC Townsville Tattoo Show

THERE’S A lot of the younger generation into tattoos and a whole new crowd of people turned up to show off their ink at the Rebels MC Townsville Tattoo Show.

Little Mick was on hand as both a respected tattoo judge and to airbrush helmets, tanks, guards, plus some canvasses that went on sale to the public. Also up from Brisbane was Peter Ward who assisted with the judging as well as Les Bowen and his boys from Second Skin Tattooing.

Many thousands of dollars worth of human artwork was on display and there were prizes and awards for both male and female tattoos, black and white, coloured, big and small, murals, you name it, there were so many categories just about everyone who competed would have picked up a prize.

Nearly every tattoo has a story behind it and there’s a lot of imagination, creativity and emotion on display. Some tattoos are in memory of loved ones lost; others are just artistic genius.

One of the underlying attractions is meeting new people or catching up with old friends. People from all walks of life you can learn a lot from if you’re prepared to take the time to listen. Most are down-to-earth everyday workers and doers. They’re not rocket scientists but often creative people who either never got the breaks in life or chose not to follow a conventional path. They’re salt-of-the-earth characters who do what they say they will.

A lot of organisation and hard work goes into a tattoo show. Danny, the Rebels MC Northside chapter President, asked Ozbike to publicly thank everyone who helped out, and finally, a big thank you to the public for their support.

words & pics by SS

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