Rebels MC Sundowner Hotel Bike & Tattoo Show

Didn’t Queensland put on a good day this year—not too hot, just right, for the singlet and thong wearin’ relaxed atmosphere of a great bike show.

THE REBELS MC Caboolture put on a great show. They had a scissor-lift to do the burn-outs on and a semi-trailer as a stage for the band and for presenting the bike and tattoo awards. There were also a castle for the kids and a rock-wall-climbing-thingy to test your climbing skills on, which looks pretty funny when you’re half cut.

Oh yeah, there was a guy who donated a 250 cc Yamaha to the bike gods and everyone smashed it to pieces with a sledgehammer. I had a good go at it too. What a pleasure helping get rid of another piece of pussy crap (I suppose they would be okay to ride to work if you don’t mind wearing a full-face helmet) and it was good to see people getting rid of their anger.

The big difference this year was the huge police presence. There was a RBT van on the way in and heavy policing inside. Amazingly enough, not one person was booked and not one single soul was busted for anything! All our taxpayers money was wasted on another of these fruitless operations the cops keep throwing at us.

Nevertheless, the party inside the gates it was on for young and old. There was a great load of cars, rods and bikes entered in the various competitions; and heaps of promo chicks to catch your attention.

The Sundowner Hotel is on the way into Bribie Island and having the pub as part of the show is a great idea. It’s not far to go for a drink and inside the pub is cool, a good place to relax and have some lunch between checking out the action at the show. Personally, I spent half my day at the bar and the other half checkin’ out the bikes and chicks.

There was also a shitload of stalls to pick up some great bargains.

Everyone gathers at the stage for the awards and it’s always a funny part of the show where no one holds back and some piss-funny calls are made by the judges, the MC and the crowd alike. I think it’s because it’s getting towards the sun going down and everyone has had a gutful of piss by now. I know I was feeling just great by this time!

We all had a ball and the party kept going and going. By the time I went home it was still crankin’ away and I’m sure there were some sorry heads the next day.

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