Lancelin Motorcycle Muster for Ugly Farmers & Fishermen

THE UFO (Ugly Farmers/Fishermen On bikes) mainly ride Harleys but there are a few British bikes. This bunch of bikers, along with the help of the local Lions Club, sponsor one talented teenager from the Gin Gin Shire each year. This year’s recipient was Kimberly Thomas, a very talented 15-year-old surfer. The guys raised enough money to buy her a new board, a trip to Bali and a few other items to help her achieve her dreams. This inaugural annual bike muster was a great success as the Lancelin Beach Hotel (owned by Rove McManus’s dad) came alive.

Foxtel’s On Two Wheels program came to film the event and interview a few people, myself one of them. I couldn’t help myself—whilst filming a ride-by shot I stopped in the middle of the crowd and let rip a decent burnout NSW-style showing the boys from WA how to get a real bike show started, and it sure did the trick because there was plenty of excitement in the air afterwards.

The trophies were most impressive—handmade from spanners, sprockets, shark’s teeth, jaws, and even ram’s skulls. Real trophies in anyone’s books.

Top job boys—unique trophies for a great fundraiser, anything from hot-rods to V8 dune buggies, as well as a wide variety of bikes on display. For a bunch of farmers and fisherman, you sure have some impressive toys. One fella even rode in on his 1941 Indian which he had personally imported from Invercargill where The World’s Fastest Indian movie was made.

The night’s entertaining was helped along by rock band Kid Nitro; then Stack, the reggae band; followed by Lenny Ettbridge singing country music. It was well worth hanging around for. Glad I had a room for the night.

Thanks to Tricky, Blucky, Fang, Shep, Sheildsy, and many others for a great night and for leading me astray the wild west way.

words & pics by Gazza

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