Harley-Davidson CVO Pro-Street Breakout

The whole idea with this bike was to have a CVO and customise it so it didn't take away from the CVO styling.

THIS IS MY second Breakout and the fourth Harley I’ve owned. The first Breakout was a stock FXSB which I customised as well. I owned that one for a bit over two years.

I bought this CVO Pro-Street Breakout from Gold Coast Harley-Davidson (GCHD), and the first thing I did was to get the guys at GCHD to fit a Screamin’ Eagle 117 kit. This gave it the power I was after, but as you all know, once you get used to the power you want more—it’s an addiction. So now I’m looking at hotter cams for the 117 to give it more grunt.

I wasn’t super impressed with the CVO stock levers, pegs, grips, and shifter linkage so I replaced all of them with Roland Sands Design accessories.

I went with the Performance Machine Torque mirrors; they aren’t too big, too small or over the top.

The handlebars are Burleigh High Ball and I had them painted in the CVO glitter black paint.

All the wiring, including the wiring for the Legend Air Ride rear suspension, is running internal through the handlebars. The switch for the Air Ride is incorporated into the left-side switch-housing.

I wanted the clutch hydraulic line and also the front brake line to run through the bars too. The boys at GCHD did a great job to get that achieved.  

I have very small LED indicators on the front that are extremely bright for their size.

The front nose-cone over the headlight is sporting the Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield logo which was painted on.

Every nut or bolt, and even the lower fork legs from the front-end, have been removed and painted with black CVO glitter. Also the points cover, coil cover and derby cover are painted with the black glitter.

Doug from GCHD came up with the idea of welding in the holes on the rear struts and bolting to the guard through the inside. The struts had the CVO glitter paint treatment too.

To tidy up the back of the rear fender, I had the ChopZ Inner Fender Eliminator fitted and had the H-D axle covers fitted to finish off the rear-end.

Chris from Trim FX Auto & Marine and myself came up with the idea of chopping the seat down and giving it a bit better shape by cutting out a lot of foam. Chris used synthetic python skin and suede to cover the seat.

We cut a rear brake control so it could take a shifter peg so both foot-controls matched up.

The whole idea with this bike was to have a CVO and customise it so it didn’t take away from the CVO styling. I’m keeping in mind there won’t be a lot of the CVO Pro-Streets around.

I would like to thank the boys in the workshop from Gold Coast Harley-Davidson. They have been awesome in helping me put my ideas into action. As I say to my mates, owning and customising a Harley-Davidson can get very addictive but I love the bikes and love the brand!

Photos by Rod Cole; story by Cat

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