Grim Reaper Rocket 3

This is a serious schizo bike—one minute it’s red; the next pink. I think I need to adjust my computer monitor!

AFTER TRYING a Rocket Three and feeling the power, I had to have one. However, there were a few things I thought could be improved, starting with the exhaust, so Joey from our club here at the Vets in Brisbane cannibalised a Harley muffler by fitting a turbo baffle and making a three-into-one system that works very well. 

Then he made a billet aluminium side-mount number plate with the LED brake and tail-light attached. By removing the number plate from the rear, it shows off its big arse rear tyre better.

Another thing to go was the twin headlights. A bike has to look like a bike and not a tractor (even though it is powerful enough to do contact ploughing). Another Harley edition to the Triumph—a Fat Boy headlight. 

Then I cleaned up the front forks, taking off the large indicators and fitting a neat set of LEDs.

This done, the handlebars looked too slim. So onto the internet and I contacted ThunderBike in New Zealand asking about one-and-a-half-inch bars. They said they only make up one-and-a-quarter-inch bars but I convinced them to make one-and-a-half. They are now set up for making bigger bars for Rockets.

My right hand is a bit fucked so my mate Stretch made up some 45-mm hand grips (they look so good). But why stop there? We made up matching front footpegs and put on Rivco rear foot plates with four-inch forward re-locaters; problem solved. 

But if she has her foot pegs moved forward, why not mine also? I moved mine 60-mm forward and 30-mm up for better ground clearance. This was done by Dan from ProForce Engineering. I also got them powder-coated black to match the motor. 

Dan asked, “Why don’t we make a protective scoop for the front water pump and oil filter?” The scoop is not only protective, it also holds the bike more stable at well over the 200 km/h mark.

Even though the seat is very comfortable, I took it to Steve at MC Roadrunners upholstery. He lowered the seat an inch-and-a-half and changed the shape of the sides (wrong move!) The little woman said, “What about me!” so I got her a custom built seat with memory foam.

Yes, it’s true. The longer you ride a Rocket, the littler they get and the slower they go! So… I fitted three K&N filters and a Power Commander. I got these from Steve at Powerhouse Dynotuning. I also fitted a Barnett heavy duty clutch. 

Stretch made the chrome covers for the K&N filters. It literally took all day to gradually cut the bear claw to fit over the filters so it looks more professional than a single scallop cut.

Now the paintwork. Dan at Brushfire painted it magnificently. It is self explanatory—the Eagle VVMC says it all.

After 40,000 km and having a spare set of guards, side covers, screen, and tank, I thought I would give the Rocket 111 a subtle birthday present. Yes PINK! The appearance of the Grim Reaper, standing over our patch, rising from within the pink, is a very ominous omen. But I am sure, I for one, am prepared to wait to meet him.

pics by Jules @ Top Gun; words by Eagle

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