Grim Reaper Triumph Rocket 3

This is a serious schizo bike—one minute it’s red; the next pink. I think I need to adjust my computer monitor!

AFTER TRYING a Triumph Rocket 3 and feeling the power, I had to have one. However, there were a few things I thought could be improved, starting with the exhaust, so Joey from our club here at the Vets in Brisbane cannibalised a Harley muffler by fitting a turbo baffle and making a three-into-one system that works very well. 

Then he made a billet aluminium side-mount number plate with the LED brake and tail-light attached. By removing the number plate from the rear, it shows off its big arse rear tyre better.

Then I cleaned up the front forks, taking off the large indicators and fitting a neat set of LEDs.

Another thing to go was the twin headlights. A bike has to look like a bike and not a tractor (even though it is powerful enough to do contact ploughing). Another Harley edition to the Triumph—a Fat Boy headlight. 

This done, the handlebars looked too slim. So onto the internet and I contacted ThunderBike in New Zealand asking about one-and-a-half-inch bars. They said they only make up one-and-a-quarter-inch bars but I convinced them to make one-and-a-half. They are now set up for making bigger bars for Rockets.

My right hand is a bit fucked so my mate Stretch made up some 45-mm hand grips (they look so good). But why stop there? We made up matching front footpegs and put on Rivco rear foot plates with four-inch forward re-locaters; problem solved. 

But if she has her foot pegs moved forward, why not mine also? I moved mine 60-mm forward and 30-mm up for better ground clearance. This was done by Dan from ProForce Engineering. I also got them powder-coated black to match the motor. 

Dan asked, “Why don’t we make a protective scoop for the front water pump and oil filter?” The scoop is not only protective, it also holds the bike more stable at well over the 200 km/h mark.

Now the paintwork. Dan at Brushfire painted it magnificently. It is self explanatory—the Eagle VVMC says it all.

Even though the seat is very comfortable, I took it to Steve at MC Roadrunners upholstery. He lowered the seat an inch-and-a-half and changed the shape of the sides (wrong move!) The little woman said, “What about me!” so I got her a custom built seat with memory foam.

Yes, it’s true. The longer you ride a Rocket 3, the littler they get and the slower they go! So… I fitted three K&N filters and a Power Commander. I got these from Steve at Powerhouse Dynotuning. I also fitted a Barnett heavy duty clutch. 

Stretch made the chrome covers for the K&N filters. It literally took all day to gradually cut the bear claw to fit over the filters so it looks more professional than a single scallop cut.

After 40,000 km and having a spare set of guards, side covers, screen, and tank, I thought I would give the Rocket 111 a subtle birthday present. Yes PINK! The appearance of the Grim Reaper, standing over our patch, rising from within the pink, is a very ominous omen. But I am sure, I for one, am prepared to wait to meet him.

pics by Jules @ Top Gun; words by Eagle

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