The Green Envy Harley-Davidson Deuce

GEE was looking for a new project Harley-Davidson when some of his mates discovered a wrecked Deuce for auction. Gee started bidding and eventually picked up the bike at a reasonable price.

Gee took his new bike to Darren at JD Customs in Brisbane for the custom treatment.

Darren, and some of Gee’s mates, rebuilt the wrecked Softail Deuce in short time and this is the result.

The mirrors, hand grips and wheels came from Midwest.

The seat was covered in ostrich skin by The Godfather Upholstery. They also made the green inserts which look very effective.

The Deuce was painted by Jarred, a local at the Treetops Pub. The awesome green colour really makes the chrome stand out on the bike.

A set of Hooker pipes finishes the bike nicely.

Gee loves the way his bike turned out—from a smashed and broken bike to this! When I asked him what he wanted to call his bike for the feature in Ozbike, he just smiled and said, “Green Envy.”

As Gee took his Deuce for a couple of spins around the carpark for a photo, he looked pretty cool riding it. We took the photos across from the Grand Hotel in Southport, and Gee got a lot of stares from the tourists. There were just green with envy.

words & pics by Jules @ Top Gun

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