Devilish Fat Boy Custom Harley-Davidson

There’s not much over-the-counter bolt-on stuff on this custom—it’s nearly all hand fabricated.

I GOT this Harley-Davidson Fat Boy when my friend Simon split up with his wife and decided to sell it. It was going for a good price so I jumped onto it. He hadn’t had it long and I swapped a Triumph and some cash for it, plus I got the ENVI number plate from him as well. Another mate, Gary, had the bike worked on by some friends of his in NSW. They stripped it all down, rebuilt the motor, stretched the tanks, and handmade the air cleaner and pipes.

The same with the front-end. It’s got a smaller front wheel to give it more of a gap compared to a normal Fat Boy or Heritage, and the bigger headlight is from a Road King.

There’s a lot of detail in it; it’s not just slapped together. Even the upraised H-D on the oil tank took him three days to get just right.

The engine’s had the normal things done to it—mildly worked cams and carby and stuff like that. It was fully rebuilt and all these extra features, like the heads, Gary did himself.

The frame’s been painted gun-metal and the back tyre’s a 210 with disks to match the Dragway wheels.

There’s LED lights underneath the bike, and the nitrous bottle isn’t connected up but it looks the part; it’s actually a tool box.

The paint’s by Dan at BrushFire, and the idea for it was his too. There’s a story behind it insofar as you see someone burning and melting and then changing into the Devil, and then he’s there with a slavering dog chained at the Gates of Hell.

It’s a really comfortable bike to ride; it’s got a nice easy feel to it. It’s got a little bit of a rake at the front-end and the bars come back just right for someone my size. With a lot of air cleaners your knee sticks out but this one’s designed to sit in more neatly so it’s a bit more flat when you’re riding.

When they built it originally they spent a lot of money on it, but that was a while ago, and now you can get cheaper aftermarket parts; it was all more expensive then.

I’m not planning on changing anything at all right at the moment, but I am thinking about selling this one because I got a trike from the same bloke. It’s a fairly impressive machine, one of only a few four-seater Harley trikes in Australia and I’ll be starting up my own business with that. I’m also in the process of building another chopper which I hope to keep as well.

pics by Chris Randells; words by Mick

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