Consolidated Bikers Rebel FM Frogs Hollow Bike Show

THE usually quiet surrounds of Apple Tree Creek were totally blown apart by the roar of custom bikes arriving to do battle for the trophies. The bikes were coming from everywere: North Queensland, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Toowoomba. There was even some top local bikes that were brought out of the woodwork for a well earned ride.

All in all, there was 84 bikes in the show and I reckon Wilko from Wilko’s Pro Shine detailed nearly all of them before they faced the judges. From full-on custom choppers, fully restored classics, hot everyday rides, and even some real old early iron, they were all there in a sea of chrome and gleaming paint. Everyone found something in the show they took a liking to.

It all takes place at a country pub on the Bruce Highway called the Apple Tree Creek Hotel. It’s a biker friendly pub where the host puts on the coldies in the backyard at the Frogs Hollow Bar. Yep, it don’t get any better than this.

By 11 am the place was packed with people looking over the bikes and looking through all the great stalls. The sausage sizzle fired up, and with Rebel FM playing over the huge sound system, it was time to sit under the big shade trees and blow the froth off a few.

It was about then the first band hit the stage. Wise Guys they were called and didn’t they kick arse right from the first song.

Channel Seven turned up and Flame herself, on her custom FXD, put on a burn-out display just for the cameras. Don’t let anyone tell ya girls can’t do burn-outs. The Channel Seven reporter and his camera were totally lost in the tyre smoke. Pretty wild shit in the middle of the day but this social club is renown for this type of activity.

Headcase Airbrushing then started a real good display of his talents. His fully airbrushed van was fantastic with its real flame job. It musta taken forever to paint.

About then two of the Consolidated boys found an old Jappa lurking under the pub, so they rolled it into the show and tried to get it to fire. After much swearing and abuse, a large sledge hammer was produced and the huge crowd was invited to take part in the Smash a Jappa. If ya knocked off any bits with the hammer, they were yours. This went on for a while until the old relic was hardly recognisable. It ended up on top of the bonfire and did burn rather serverely.

The trophies were then presented and the Consolidated Bikers showed why their show is one of the best in Queensland. The quality of the machines on display was second-to-none and all of the trophies were well deserved. The judges had one helluva time bringing down the decisions. People’s Choice went to Tin Zin, a wild custom chopper with its full custom paint done by the Paint Doctor and all of its crazy skulls.

The burn-out comp was announced and the bikes started lining up behind the especially-built burn-out pad. There was Harleys, Ducatis, Jappas, but again Flame had to be the one to kick it off. In through the crowd she rode and just slaughtered the FXD’s back tyre. With a finger in the air, she threw down the challenge to the waiting men. Well after 10 huge burn-outs, Poppy from Gladstone was crowned burn-out king and won $200 for his tyre popping effort; closely followed by Scott from Gladstone with his 180 km/h top gear effort. His new back tyre lasted only 320 km.

Well it was time to eat, so as Flame hit the stage, the hot meals hit the plates. The pub really puts on a great feed.

Flame belted out all the classic rock favourites. Oz-rock at its best, this band is, and it always puts on one helluva show.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Australia’s best guitarist, Phil Emmanuel, walked on stage and proceeded to cut everyone’s throat with his amazing guitar licks. It’s probably one of the first times I have seen a big crowd of bikers dead silent and just watching the stage.

Flame and Phil finished off a great day’s entertainment while the still huge crowd drifted off to the bar and bonfire where out came the acoustic guitars and all ya favourite beer songs until the early hours of the morning.

Breakfast was served on the deck with plenty of sore heads and the roar of bikes heading up the highway to wherever home was.

What can I say—great show, the best entertainment, great people, and one of the best venues for a show yet. Thanks to all those who turned up, and also to the Consolidated Bikers Association Australia for once again putting on the best old style bike show.

words by 666; pics by Papparazzi

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