Coffin Cheaters MC Bindoon Dirt Drags

You’ll need balls bigger than Ben Hur to ride one of these motorbikes.

THE LIST OF competitors at Bindoon was never ending, all keener than ever to put on a great show and enjoy themselves. These guys put their hearts and souls into their racing, often lending each other parts to ensure everyone remains competitive. Some builders spare no expense; others are built on mateship — mates donating parts, labour and beer to build these great machines for each other. Many at built at home in the shed, to race it down a dirt track, defying all odds, trying to make his creation faster than his competitors.

A lot more Harley-powered bikes are being built for the dirt drags these days. 

Many guys say they enjoy the challenge of getting their power to the ground, that’s why we see all the different tyre tread patterns and tyre combinations.

The battle between man and beast is always in full swing making it a great spectator sport to watch. A few of the bikes were getting sideways and giving their riders an adrenalin rush they will never forget; a couple of unlucky fellas ended up kissing the dirt.

The old rusty jailbird ute owner was busy impressing the crowd with his constant burnouts all day. This guy does it just for the hell of it. Good onya, mate.

Trinity from Picture magazine and the girls from the Voodoo Lounge were always ready to pose with everybody for the cameras.

As usual, the Coffin Cheaters MC put on a great day.

Footnote: Bindoon is normally a great BYO event. Not this year — the cops  put a stop to that — three weeks out from the event and they enforced a law to stop alcohol entering. Even though it’s held on private property, they say it’s a public event. Bullshit, I say. The very next day I was at the Red Bull Air Race in Kings Park and the public was openly drinking in front of the police. Clearly victimisation to the biker fraternity. 

Words & pics by Gazza

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  1. Spewin i missed the gig sounds like a grin was had by all.. Grouse bikes + lads cutting loose with some awesome tittys on show.. Shit fuckin hot !! See ya there next year Fatty

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