Brotherhood CMC Silverwater Bike Show

The Silverwater Bike Show started off with some serious hot weather happening.

DAD TOLD me God always shines down on the Silverwater Bike Show and the weather is always a warm sunny summers day. But this year he mumbled something about “…this hot in Hell, mumble mumble…” Dad doesn’t like the heat. Anyway, as we walked into the show, there was hardly anyone walking around and I thought, ‘Shit! Pretty empty this year,’ but as I looked around I saw everybody was hiding under any shade they could find.

Then more and more Harleys started rolling in from Sydney and maybe even further away. I found it hard coping with the heat in the car on the way but how did these guys manage cruising here on their bikes.

We had to take our photos quickly as you just could not stay in the sun for very long.

Even though it was so damn hot, in true Aussie biker style, everyone had a grin on their face (maybe it was because they were thinking about the beer they were going to drink when they got home).

The stunt riders were unreal crazy guys and some of the tricks they were pulling off were great. Everybody thought they were top class.

The band kept playing throughout the afternoon which made it quiet pleasant to lay back under a tree and enjoy the music.

A lot of class bikes were on show — actually, me and dad were surprised at how damn good some of the bikes really were.

The Brotherhood CMC once again did a really good job to make it a great show. Thanks guys.

Words & pics by Felicity Sewell

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