Best Kid’s Mini-Chopper

This is Kurt’s chopper. Mind you, he’s only three-years-old and won’t be riding it for another year or so.

KURT IS the son of Ian whose own chopper — The Gambler — graced the cover of Oz Biker Nation Issue #285. It was a sensational bike that won People’s Choice and Top Custom at its first showing at the Hot Rod Show in Brisbane. 

Kurt’s mini-chopper is a mini copy of his dad’s big chopper and it won Best Kid’s Mini-Chopper at its first showing at the Australian National Chopper Show on the Gold Coast.

“I bought the little chopper off Darrell at 12-Gage Kustom,” said Ian. “It was an Orange County Spider Bike.  Amazingly, it had the same spider wheels as mine.”

Craig and Perry at Custom Spray Creations (CSC) had done a lot of the work on Ian’s chopper so he enlisted their help for Kurt’s bike.

“They changed the tank because it was too narrow and cut another rear guard from one they had laying around. We put a bit more rake in the frame and made the Z-handlebars.”

The guys at CSC were also responsible for coping the artwork.

“They put dice on the frame instead of the cards because they were a bit smaller, otherwise it’s identical to mine.”

Kurt is only three-years old and doesn’t ride the mini-chopper yet.

“Not yet he hasn’t but I’d say by the end of the next 12 months he’ll be on it,” said Ian proudly.

photos by Wall 2 Wall

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  1. What is this bike valued at now.
    I am Ians sister and due to illness he is wanting to sell both bikes.

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