The Bandidos MC Assimilation Book

THIS BOOK recounts the personal involvement of a high-ranking Bandidos MC member in the creation of the Quebec chapter of the Bandidos Nation.

In early 1990, after seven years of bloody conflict with the Montreal’s Hells Angels, Quebec’s Rock Machine motorcycle club appealed to the Bandidos for help. Edward Winterhalder was dispatched to Canada in 2001 to coordinate the patch-over. This first-hand account describes how the effort ultimately failed as a result of circumstances not even Winterhalder could control.

Beginning with a short history of the Bandidos, Edward Winterhalder dispels common myths about the founding of the club and outlines the original principles of its founder Donald Eugene Chambers.

The book also contains a glossary of biker terms and seven appendices citing club bylaws, projects and job assignments, and a world-wide listing of active chapters and support clubs.

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