1971 T120R Triumph Custom

Dicko wanted to build his Triumph the way he imagined it — having a custom paint job and heaps of detailing was the way to go — so off he set on his quest to build the dream.

RICHARD (Dicko) Hannah had a love for motorbikes and cars from a very young age. He had a number of other bikes of all different shapes and types until one day he came across this 1971 Triumph and fell in love — he just had to have it!

Once he had ownership, he pondered for a while as to which way he wanted to proceed with the build. One morning he woke up and his mind was set — the focus was there — so over the next 18 months he had his head down and bum up.

Dicko totally stripped and rebuilt every part to a very high standard culminating in this beautiful piece of art.

Unfortunately, 1971 Triumphs did not have a very good frame. It had been badly conceived, poorly designed, badly executed, and somewhat problematic, so Dicko decided to use a Santee hardtail frame; his reason being that it had stronger mounting points.

1971 T120R Triumph 3

He also customised the oil tank, decided to use front and rear custom-made braided brake lines, and for ease of riding, he used custom forward-control front pegs and customised the seat (again problematic in the original 1971 design).

Other changes included customising the rear mud guard, widening the rear hub and upgrading the rear brakes to a custom disc brake.

The original colours were tiger gold and black separated by a white pinstripe. Well stock just did not cut it! Dicko is a big fan of Standox Daytona Paradise. It has a rainbow effect and continuously dances across the colour spectrum; the paint ranges in hue from emerald green to plum red as light strikes it from different angles. This was the colour he used.

The day Richard and Kerrie tied the knot, the weather forecast was great and nothing could stop him from riding his customised 1971 Triumph to the ceremony. He had a huge smile on his face and an even bigger one when Kerrie walked down the aisle. Both of his loves were there on the day (mind you, Kerrie turned up in a cool looking 1957 Chevy; another of Dicko’s passions).

Dicko is a member of the Bungendore and District Car Club (locally know as the B.A.D Car Club). As well as his Triumph, Dicko also has a 1960 Impala and a 1960 El Camino. He is one of the Organising Committee that runs the very successful Bungendore Car and Bike Show in October (a stone’s throw from Canberra) which brings out a huge variety of makes and models providing an overall fun family day out!

Dicko sends a special thanks to Steve Fisher Component Coating Services, Shane and boys at Electro Plating Technology, R&B Abrasive Blasting Goulburn, Simon Hesketh, and his wife Kerrie for all her patience.

1971 T120R Triumph 8


I HAVE been modelling for 10 years doing a variety of different jobs ranging from promotional, photoshoots to television.

I’d like to continue modelling but I’ve started to work more behind the scenes as a makeup artist. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and would like to learn more about.

In my spare time I do makeup for weddings, special occasions, photoshoots, etc.

I love little road trips to various places. I feel it’s important to get away and refresh, recharge every now and then.

Today in the studio was fun. It was different posing with a bike but I felt everything worked for the shoot. While I don’t own a bike myself, I have always had an appreciation/interest in them. I’ve been on the back of my friend’s bike a few times and enjoy the adrenaline rush and freedom they bring.

1971 T120R Triumph 1

story by Julius Goboly, Tower Photographics: 0407-486-759

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