Anniversary Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Punched Out

This bike doesn't sit in the shed; it is my daily ride and it does long trips with ease.

I HAVE had this Fatty for a couple of years and I didn’t want to cut it up or change it too much because it is a 2005 Anniversary model. It still has the factory 24 crt gold plated badge on the tank and the gold pin-stripping.

The motor is a factory 95 cube, although I have had the heads fully ported and flowed to suit, along with the bigger throttle body. It also has S&S 625 cams, Crane push rods, Crane RPM lifters, Wiseco 10.5:1 pistons, custom spring set, Lefty bearings in the bottom-end, high volume oil pump, and properly heaps that I have forgotten.

On the dyno she punched out 107 hp and 105 ft/lb torque. Which is awesome for 95 cubes. 

The whole motor and box I had painted black, also with the front-end. In fact, everything that I could I had done in black.

I changed the wheels to Mammoth Spoke for an old school look. The brake rotors match the wheels.

It has a Progressive lowering kit in, V&H Staggered Shots, and 16-inch apes.

I would like too thank Cracker at Croc power for looking after me and doing such a great job.

This is the sixth Harley I have owned and I also have a custom chopper with a 127-cube in her that I have just pulled apart to change the paint scheme. I have a few more surprises going onto the Fatty, one being the electric race-shifter and maybe some giggle gas that I have laying around in the shed.

Anniversary Fat Boy 13

Article submitted by Shane Lehman

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