Amber Whisky Breakout

“… I got pulled up by the cops and defected …the only way to make it legal would be to put the standard pipes back on.

I STARTED with a new Harley-Davidson Breakout but I got pulled up by the cops and defected. When I went back to the Harley dealer, they told me the only way to make it legal would be to put the standard pipes back on.

That’s when I called up Jason. I’d never met him before; got his number from a fella at work. He said to bring it down and he’d get it all sorted for me.

When I got there, I didn’t want to park my bike next to any of the others — they were nice bikes — really nice bikes!

Jason put on the Freedom pipes with the quiet baffles so we could got it passed legally, which was good, because I liked the sharp radius of the Freedom pipes rather than the Vance & Hines.

While the pipes were getting sorted, I saw bits on the other bikes and, gee, I liked some of that stuff. I had an idea of what I wanted, had a lot of people tell me what I could and couldn’t do, but Jason set me straight and then he came up with other ideas on top of mine.

Jason fitted the taillight assembly with billet blinkers and everything is tucked under the guard so there’s nothing sticking out.

The bike if fitted with a wrap-around front guard, Burleigh High Ball handlebars, Arlen Ness mirrors, chrome controls, three inch forward controls, stock Butt Crack Solo Danny Grey seat with stitching — I didn’t like the butt crack thing so I got them to smooth that out and do the stitching in America before they sent it over — Daymaker headlight with billet casing, digital Dakota speedo, and a stock motor.

It’s got lots of Rocker stuff on it, like the Rocker oil tank.

The wheels and matching air-filter, risers and belt pulley are RC Components.

The back tyre is 10 and a half by 18; and the front is a 23 by 375.

The tank and rear guard is standard paint but Jason had a fella in Queensland, Hans, do the rest of the paint; it’s Amber Whisky in colour.

I’m getting coloured lights to put underneath so, of a night time, I can press a button and she’ll shine under the frame.

I’ve taken it to Queensland and done quite a few long trips. I’ve got a sissy bar with a rack on the back, so if I do go somewhere; I can put a back seat on — I have one with suction caps. Mostly, it’s only me riding so I don’t usually tie stuff to the sissy bar.

I had the air suspension put on. I’ve got a button on the handlebars and a remote control for it. When I jump on, I can’t go anywhere because it’s too low, so I hit the button and up it goes. I pump it up to whatever height I want and is nice and comfortable. Then when I’m at the pub, I can let it down again and it sits better and looks better. It’s heaps better than the normal standard suspension.

Photos by George; words by Darrel Shannon

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