Wild Child Harley-Davidson Softail

I WAS was born and bred and live in Gippsland. I was an interstate truck driver but I was involved in a bad accident which left me with severe PTSD. I’ve been into bikes since I was a kid starting with a YZ80 like most kids and getting chased all over town but never getting caught. Anyway, I fell in love with Harley-Davidsons when a bloke who owned a XR1000 rented my uncle’s farm house when I was bout 10-years-old and he took me for a ride.

 I always wanted a Harley and finally got my first Harley, a FXR, in 2008. Since then I’ve had four Harleys and a Laverda Montjuic that I just sold.

Harley-Davidson Softail

The Wild Child, my Softail, was built by two brothers, Sebas and Jimmy, and I brought it off Jimmy.

It started as a 1999 Softail which now has a 120-cube motor with six-speed gearbox, and it goes like fu.k and it gets ridden pretty hard. The name says it all.

I normally ride around the hills of Gippsland or in between the beaches on me own most times because it’s good for me PTSD. Gippsland has some of the best roads and scenery, and after the fires and now this COVID shit, it’d be good if ya could give Gippsland a mention.

Harley-Davidson Sportster

My Sporty is just a XL1200S twin plug with Supertrapp two-into-two pipes, a LePera single seat, a chain conversion from belt drive, and I had decals made up similar to the XR1000 and painted in a similar colour grey with is actually a 2014 Harley grey. All work was done by Mainline Morwell and I absolutely love the Sporty.

Oh, and by summer time, the Wild Child will have some upswept fishtails on it that’ll look good if I can find a pair that look actually look right.


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