The Psycho Circus Bear Motorbike

Step right up! Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and feast your eyes upon the Psycho Circus…

A FEW years ago, Andy was riding a Ducati until a dumb driver took him out. The Duke was a write-off and Andy’s wrist was smashed to pieces and took ages to come good again.

 After his wrist had healed, he started getting the bike-riding bug back in his veins. That’s when a Big Bear Devil’s Advocate caught his eye and instantly he knew it was the type of bike for him (with a few of his own ideas on how it should look when finished, of course). He then proceeded to pick the components that would make it into the final build, placed his order and painstakingly waited for his kit to arrive.

The heart of the beast is a S&S 100-cube engine which hooks up to a six-speed RSD Baker gearbox with a Big Bear Choppers enclosed primary drive. The ponies are delivered to the rear wheel via belt drive. 

Other extras include the billet web grips, bear tooth swing-arm, PAB (Punk Ass Bitch) wheels, reaper fuel tank and DA fenders. 

PM brakes were chosen to supply the stopping power and the front-end is topped off with a set of custom-made drag bars by Burleigh Bars.

Andy owns Prestige Marine Refinishing in Capalaba (south-east of Brisbane) so, after the bike had been mocked up and modified to his liking, he laid down the base colour of paint himself and then took the finished tank and fenders to Stuart Vimpani at Ultimate Airbrush to weave his airbrush magic.

The bike was then re-assembled and dubbed Psycho Circus.

Pics by Jo; words by Jeff

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