The Longriders CMC Ride

THE LONGRIDERS CMC, Hunter Valley Chapter, pulled it off again with perfect weather for their annual Bike Show in their part of this big brown land (which is actually green) of ours. I noticed this brown and green thing as I rode over from SA with some of the Adelaide and Murray Bridge members, with the Mallee and the Hay Plains showing the affects of drought. As a regular rider across this expanse of land it was obviously much drier than normal for this time of year. That’s one of the great things about our lifestyle, we really experience the country we travel through—we feel it, smell it and really see it—not like all those cage drivers with their windows up, air con or heaters blasting, music or kids blaring, wife nagging… Oops, I’m getting a bit carried away.

Had a great trip over. We picked up Hay Mark (from Hay) on the way. The weather was an awesome 26 degrees, good company, no breakdowns, no hassles with cops. This is why I’m a bikie. Sure ridin’ to the pub on Friday night is cool, but, hey, if ya don’t get out and do the big miles occasionally you’re only experiencing half the lifestyle.

The Medowie Bike Show is not the biggest or best show around but it has a great laid back atmosphere, with plenty of trade stalls, slides and jumpin’ things for the kids, good live music, and some tasty customs and restored oldies.

Terry’s Brough Superior outfit was outstanding with thousands of hours of work gone into the restoration of not only the bike but also the unique sidecar. You don’t go down to your local custom bike shop for parts for these old beauties, or your local Brough dealer; there’s no such thing anymore. Parts need to be tracked down from places like England or machined up from scratch; a bit different from buying a shiny part off a shelf. Needless to say, it took out Best Classic and Best of Show.

Two top custom Harleys that the judges were in the middle of discussing which categories to slot them into, as they were both trophy winners, disappeared with their owners shooting through early—bad luck, fellas, you would have been winners.

Two old school choppers—one a Genny Shovel, the other a restored Walla, both belonging to Longriders members—drew as much attention as the show bikes as they rested on their sidestands together; and, yes, they are ridden regularly, reminding some of the old blokes of the days when as much time went into maintaining your bike as riding it.

The atmosphere of this show was excellent, with mums, dads and kids wandering around rubbing shoulders with members of a couple of the local outlaw clubs who have supported the show each year which is appreciated by the Longriders. Money raised on the day will be donated to the Newcastle Volunteer Coastal Patrol.

This show is still in its infancy with plenty of room to get better. I believe the show bikes will be more central next year and there will also be a European category.

Good show, fellas. The Longriders would like to thank all their sponsors, you know who you are. See ya’s next year.

words by Roo; pics By Mark & Bomber; show details by Wazza

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