The Fitness Done Different Custom Chopper

“…anyone who knows me will tell you that the bike speaks volumes about me as a person—loud, colourful and in your face,” said Luke.

MY LOVE OF custom bikes started with my first 1000 cc motorbike, a limited edition, black and red Yamaha R1, which I soon painted bright orange with Crystal FX paint, white flames and green pinstripes. It was the first time most people had seen Crystal FX used on a bike and wow—you saw that thing from a mile away. I loved that bike. It was painted by a really talented mate of mine who used to work for Queensland Motorcycle Panel and Paint back in the day.

I have previously owned a CBR250 (first bike), Yamaha R1, Kawasaki ZX14 Ninja in black with a rear stretch kit, and just before this purchase, I had a really tidy, white, 2010 Ducati 1198 sports bike.

I am the director and owner of a really unique personal training studio called Fitness Done Different. The name says it all about me and my toys—different! I have a custom, matt-black 300C Chrysler so I am interested in customising other vehicles too. I am so enthusiastic I even customised my 450 cc dirt bike and Thunder Cat boat to match my partner’s black and white Jeep so it looks awesome being towed around.

So how did the Fitness Done Different Custom Chopper come about? I work really hard at my personal training business and I guess you could say I reward myself through my toys. The inspiration for the bike came from my personal training business logo colours of teal and black. They really stand out and it is not something you see every day on a chopper. The clients at the studio and anyone who knows me will tell you that the bike speaks volumes about me as a person—loud, colourful and in your face.

This bike out of all my bikes is the most unique I have had the privilege of owning in my short lifetime. It has a Kraftech pro-street frame, five inches forward stretch, two inches under, 38 degrees rake with three degrees rake in the triple trees, and two-inch-under forks; Kraftech tank and fenders, tank cut and moulded through the underseat area and into the rear fender; moulded by master fabricator Rod Collis.; a custom made seat, not to mention a show polished 127 ci Ultima Proof motor, Mikuni carb, three-inch open primary, six-speed right-side-drive transmission, Hellstrom polished stainless steel custom exhaust and Dakota digital dash. Finally, a 300 rear tyre on 18 x 10.5 rim with HHI drive-side inboard brake and 120/21 front tyre. 

Why a Chopper and not a Harley-Davidson? Simple really, I just wanted something different to everyone else that would be mine and show my unique style. I love attention to detail and that has definitely been delivered in this bike. I am excited to think about what is next…

Photos by Rod Cole; story by Luke Marsh

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