The Canberra H-D Experience

...a few hundred kilometres of test ride and I was sold!

I SOLD MY old Ironhead Sportster a while back and was riding around on my little brother’s Harley-Davidson Wide Glide. I was loving it, even though it was set up for him at 6’ 2” and I don’t quite reach 5’ 10”. Then he got his licence back — damned inconvenient.

The hunt started. I asked questions on some forums and kept going to Canberra Harley-Davidson looking longingly at everything on display.

I started off thinking Fat Bob, then Wide Glide, then Street Glide. I was changing my mind so often I had no idea what I wanted. The sales crew at Canberra Harley-Davidson were great, patiently listening to me making excuses and changing my mind.

The Thursday before the ANZAC weekend, I was in there again when the dealer principle, John, came up to me and said, “I see you in here a lot. Why don’t you take our Limited for the weekend and see what you think?”

Fast forward to Saturday just before closing and there I am, keen as mustard, waiting to pick up a Silver Ultra Limited with only 3700 km on the clock. You don’t get much further apart on motorcycles than going from an Ironhead Sportster to a brand spanking new Ultra Limited.

They knew what they were doing — a few hundred kilometres of test ride and I was sold! I have a few trips planned, mostly two-up and this is the beast to do it on.

I am now the proud owner of a red (forgoing my regular black) Ultra Limited. The management team at Canberra Harley-Davidson did a sterling job and I walked away very happy with the deal I got.

This is not my first rodeo as it is Harley-Davidson number five for me as well as being my second new purchase. I am biased — I did not consider any other breed of bike, and to be honest, I switch off when I hear all the naysayers. My choice, my ride, and I don’t need to justify myself. This bike will fit the bill for me.

I don’t own a car so two weeks, two trips plus to and from work, and 1600 km later, and I am booked in for the first service. Now to save for some new pipes, perhaps free that breathing up a bit, quick-release-kit for the top box…

article by Mork

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