Rat Fink Chopper

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THE RAT Fink Chopper is owned by Brian in Brisbane. This is one of Brian’s other choppers—he also owns the Fire and Ice Chopper and the Fat Arse FXR.

“I was waiting for Bomber at King Pin Choppers to finish the Fire and Ice Chopper and got impatient,” said Brian. “Building the Rat Fink Chopper was something I had always thought about so I gave it a go. I bought a chopper kit from King Pin and changed things to give it my personal touch.

“I own my own business, Pine Rivers 24 Hour Towing, and worked on the Rat Fink Chopper at night as stress relief. I enjoyed it so much I am now building a chopper from scratch and lovin’ it. It will be a tribute to the Captain America Bike.

“The girl is on the bike is my daughter Melissa. She loves it as much as me.”

The Rat Fink Chopper runs a RevTech motor, 250 rear-end, five-speed gearbox, 8-inch-over custom front-end with 5-degree raked triple trees. The exhaust was porcelain-coated matte black by Precision Coating, Archerfield. Paint by Tony.

Words & pics by Jules @ Top Gun

The Iconic Rat Fink

RAT FINK—a green, depraved-looking mouse with bulging, bloodshot eyes, an oversized mouth with yellowed, narrow teeth, and a red T-shirt with yellow ‘R.F.’ on it—was created by Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth and came to symbolise the entire hot-rod/kustom kulture scene of the 1950s and 1960s.

A Rat Fink revival in the late 1980s and the 1990s centered around the West Coast grunge/punk rock movements. These days, if you love the hot-rod kustom kulture, you love the Rat Fink.

Author: Skol Wiggins


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