Öhlins Front Forks for Custom Harley-Davidsons

ÖHLINS FORKS are world famous for their road holding capacities and are built to extremely high standards. Not only will you find them in expensive high-end sports bikes, Moto GP race bikes and endurance racers, they also become more and more popular in heavy touring bikes. We therefore developed in cooperation with Öhlins a set of forks for Harley-Davidsons. 

Zodiac has matched these superior quality front forks with their fat & beefy Wide Glide (252 mm pitch) billet aluminium triple trees. Outer fork tubes are large diameter and tapered from 54 mm to 50 mm for increased rigidity; inner tubes are 43 mm in diameter. The top triple tree is an impressive 30 mm thick, where the lower triple tree is even thicker measuring 35 mm. Both trees have a 48 mm clamping section for the fork tubes. The lower triple tree is equipped with fork stops that can be easily adapted for use on custom bikes.

Fork length is 775 mm (measured from the underside of the top triple tree to the wheel axle centre), the same as the stock length on most Softail models.

Forks feature rebound, compression and spring load adjusters to allow you to tune your forks to perfection. Because of the very wide range of applications most parts must be ordered separately.

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