Odin’s Warriors Inverell Bike Show

One of the best country bikes shows with plenty of top bikes, burn-outs and beer.

IT’S SUCH a great bike show: music, food, drinks, heaps of bikes and great people. We got to the clubhouse about 11 am and there was already a good crowd. I had to park way down the bloody block and lug all my gear back up the street. I knew I should have got there earlier. We went straight to the bar to get a drink and, as usual, they were bloody cold—just what I needed! But it think mine had a hole in it because I only seemed to get three mouthfuls and it was gone. Another drink please mate.

Okay, feel better, now it is time to check out the bikes—and there were shit loads of them. Haven’t seen so much chrome and shiny paint in one place for a long time. It was great to see so many bikes turn up especially some of the old Harleys and Triumphs. We mingled our way through the bikes taking in all the hard work and money these guys had put into their machines; simply impressive.

Time to get some food—the worms were biting bad—and there were heaps to choose from. It was like a small country show with all the stalls they had.

It was about 1 pm when the young guys who were doing the motocross show started up their bikes. There was a rush of kids both big and small to the fence for a look at these guys. They are fuckin’ crazy. Shit they were getting some air off the ramp. They were on the other side of an 8 ft fence and they were going another 8 ft above that. Bloody madness and they are only 17 years old.

Time for a few drinks to settle the dust the motocross boys had stirred up and to catch up with some familiar faces.

At 5 pm it was time to announce the winners for the day. The crowd gathered around the stage to hear the results. Roger Lewis won People’s Favourite with his V-Rod—not bad considering he only had the bike two weeks. Goog Wilson won Best British, Zolly won Best Harley, Wazza won Best Rat. Congratulations to all the winners and entrants; it is you guys who make this a kick-arse country bike show.

Now with all the formalities over it was time for a crowd favourite—the burn-out comp. One of my old mates from school, Lockie, was the first to line up on his 650 V-Star. He rides the same way as he does burn-outs—flat out. Next up was a Big Triumph to the cheers of the crowd. Fucked if I’d put that in a burn-out comp but good job mate. Next up was a VTR Randal had borrowed from his mate Brad. Randal’s an old hand at these comps and the crowd soon found out why—the fucking noise and smoke filled the whole yard and choked the crowd. Then a loud back thundered through the smoke; the crowd erupted in a loud roar. Hope Brad got a lift home.

The guys doing the motocross show thought they would give the burn-out comp a go on their motocross bikes. I didn’t think they would go as good as they did and the crowd loved it.

So time to vote for a winner. Wasn’t hard really. Randal on the VTR was the winner. Lucky the prize was a new tyre. 

What an end to a great day at the Odin’s Warriors Inverell Bike Show. Thanks to Mick and all the boys for putting on another great show. It was time to head to the bar, grab a few drinks, a bit of food, and sit back and listen to the band belt out some good music. Hope to see you all again next year.

Words & Pics by Big Jim

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