NightCraft Bobber Revolution

“Not just a pretty face! Mother. Wife. MMA enthusiast photographer. Am I ready to add motorcyclist to the list?” asks Sonya.

I FOUND myself looking and searching for more and more information on bikes—bobbers in particular. I decided I had to have one. I wanted to see and experience the lifestyle for myself. I need info and I have a budget but where the Hell do I start…

Fortunately, my husband stumbled across the answer—NightCraft Bobbers—a custom bike builder based on the Gold Coast and distributing bikes all over Australia.

Through my husband’s build I got to know the team at NightCraft Bobbers and to see first-hand how the process works. I had so many questions. I decided, now is my time. I suggested to the guys that I wanted to build a bike and they were as excited as I was.

Firstly, the guys helped me get my licence through one of their affiliates, Stay Upright Rider Training School. I was nervous but the guys were really cool. We did a mixture of theory and practical during the training. I decided on an extra lesson just to get some extra confidence. Done! Now I was ready to order my bike!

I decided to go with the Yamaha XVS650 Custom. Naturally, it is LAMS Approved and they are super reliable and suitable for my particular design ideas.

I was able to consult on the design from start to finish. I wanted it to be purple! That I knew! I envisaged chrome with skulls. I also needed somewhere to carry my gym gear.

We sat down and went through a build-sheet, and with a bit of thinking and rethinking, we we able to get a design ready to go. They were able to incorporate all my ideas—custom pearl paint, fender work, custom seat designed and made locally, custom handlebars, grips and mirrors. We decided on the Vance & Hines pipes and did a full custom rewire on lights and side-mount stoplight and plate assembly. Among many other things, we added Shinko whitewalls to finish it off.

Now, all that was left to do was wait for it to be finished… Surprisingly, it was only about four weeks when we got the call that it was ready. My husband and I headed over to the shop not knowing exactly what to expect. But when we got there—it was love at first sight! It was everything we were expecting and more. It’s was huge surprise seeing it in the flesh. You kinda just walk around it with your mouth open, just trying to take it all in.

Watching your ideas and designs transform into a real bike is pretty cool. It’s worth noting how many people are involved in the building and shaping of each bike. From designers to painters, mechanics to upholsterers—it was much more of a group effort than I expected—and I must say it was a really enjoyable process to be involved in. I am a very proud owner!

I’m still getting used to my bike and trying to get as much ride time as I can. It definitely feels as if it’s custom designed for me. Pedals and controls are correct for my ergonomics and it feels comfortable. It definitely attracts a lot of attention. Most people think it is a Harley-Davidson because of how it looks and sounds, and can’t believe it is LAMS approved. 

I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get a bike to explore your options. There are some good bikes in the LAMS market now. Designing and building exactly what you want is an extra rewarding experience and it is totally worth it! 

photos by Rod Cole; words by Sonya

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