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You just can’t beat the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam for a smooth idle and ride...

MY last bike was pretty well out there. It was rigid with a massive rear wheel and some serious horsepower. It was a real radical ride. This time I went from wild-to-mild with a bike built more for rideability but still in the hotrod style.

I welded the rear guard to the swingarm to give the bike that rigid look and I kept things nice and low.

My last bike had a pretty lumpy motor so I wanted a smooth ride this time—that’s why I chose the Twin Cam. You just can’t beat the Twin Cam for a smooth idle and ride. I really enjoy these engines for their power and smoothness.

The paint, which was done by Joe Webb of Bad Image, was chosen to suit the low, long early style I wanted to capture.

Love belt drives also; the only way to go with a custom. I chose BDL for their quality and performance.

Andy from Perfect Metal Polishing did the polishing for me which turned out a treat.

The engine is 95 cubic inch which was built by Peter at P&L Performance Cycles, so therein lies the reason for having good P&M brakes. When Peter builds an engine you need some real decent brakes. Thanks, Pete, you cost me a fortune in brake pads.

Hooker supplied the exhaust which has a great note.

For a real comfortable ride bike this is the one I have really enjoyed building and riding.

I would also like to thank Dave from Bad Arse Trim Co for a comfortable seat and Phil The Wirer for making the whole thing work when I push the button.

Words by Ky

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