Forward Control Spacers

HOW’S THIS for a simple but effective idea form the boffins at Zodiac. Shift and brake side billet forward control spacers!

With all the madness surrounding big wheel conversions, and offsetting of primaries, it can often prove difficult for a rider to get their legs around and onto the forward controls. The answer, of course, is to space the forward controls away from the frame.

These Zodiac spacers will not only save the regular builder time by not having to machine his own spacers, but are also available in three different thicknesses (0.5, 1.75, and 1 inch) so you can perfectly tailor your forward controls to fit.

Show chromed to within an inch of their lives, these spacers are made to fit Softail based frames.

See your local Harley accessories shop for a set.


  1. you might have to buy them from Zodiac overseas. They come up in the catalog when you Goggle them.

  2. I’ve looked everywhere for these. Can anyone help me out with a supplier.

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