Flexible Exhaust Baffle for Custom Harleys

POWERBRAIDZ is a exciting new flexible exhaust baffle that fits into curved or radius pipes like Grumpys, Martin Bros, Samson, and most other major exhaust manufacturers’ products.

Manufactured out of 304 stainless, Powerbraidz will last for years. Not only do they quieten a bike 10 to 15 db, they also increase horsepower and torque. They provide just enough back pressure to fine tune engine — great for fabricated or homemade pipes. Noise and baffle laws are being enforced on a national level and bike owners are forced to either put in baffles or keep paying high (no baffle) tickets.

They are the perfect solution if you have loud pipes and you plan on visiting another state which enforces the noise regs harder.

Simple one screw installation, removable, and can be wrapped for further muffling. They will bend to180 degrees and not collapse.

Powerbraidz fit 1.75 and 2.25 inch pipes and come with five-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

For further information, please email Powerbraidz directly at ECCYCLES@SC.RR.COM. Dealer inquiries invited.

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