East vs West Sand Drags

Clubs and race teams come to Northam in WA from all over Australia to participate in what’s proving to be the state of origin of dirt drag racing.

THIS IS A man against beast event. Man builds the beast to the absolute limits, then after test and tuning, he races it down a dirt strip holding on for all his worth, trying to be the first man and machine to hit the finish line and become the eventual winner. When the green light drops, it’s heads-up racing, mate against mate, team against team. Winning don’t come easy as many riders can tell you. 

There were many new trick bikes, buggies and trikes participating in this year’s event. No shortage of competitors. All sorts of bikes are being built as sand bikes nowadays from BSAs, Trumpies, Jappas to Buells. Buells are proving a very popular bike to transform and race by changing forks, swingarms and the gearing. Most guys are running air shifters and nitrous oxide.

The monster trucks put on a great show for the kids. 

A Club Dero member had his new Harley racing bike out for its first serious run down the strip. I’m told it’s a record holder over in the USA. An awesome machine to hear and see in action. After these guys iron out the bugs, I’m sure it will be up in the top of its bracket.

The burnout winner of the event was the flat black jailbird ute we all see at the burnout comps and bike events these days. I was privileged enough to go for a skid in the lime green, big block Holden ute—it was an awesome experience to seriously smoke some car tyres without risk of being busted by the cops.

Racing carried on all day and well in to the night. It was well worth travelling out to Northam WA to watch. I‘m sure there’s plenty of beer and bullshit being told after the day’s racing is over.

Pics by Richard & Gazza; words by Gazza.

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