Contrasting Orange Wild One

Dave and his team at Mild & Wild Custom Cycles have been producing some of Sydney’s best custom bikes for years. Here is another example of their excellent work.

I have been in the business for more than 30 years. I credit my success to treating customers with respect and really listening to what they want to achieve. I’ve done a few winning show bikes but a lot of my work is general servicing, minor mods and customisation. Things like custom wheels, changing lights, raking, triple tree jobs, and custom painting.

I bought this bike from a mate as a favour; she was ratty with rust and peeling chrome. Originally it was a Harley-Davidson Softail and had already been raked out.

We stripped her down completely and rebuilt her. 

The frame got up-stretched and raked, a 250 rear and a 110 RevTech five-speed motor. 

She had a few brackets attached to the frame; we tidied her up by removing those.

We replaced the speedo, hand controls and indicators. 

It was originally orange, and I really liked the black contrast, so pretty much everything that was chrome got powder-coated black. The paint job was already there and applied by US artist Big D. I wanted to preserve that so we cleaned it up to give it that nice new look.

As you can see she scrubs up well—so good that she is already sold.

Photos by George; words by Dave at Mild & Wild Custom Cycles, Prestons NSW 2170; 02-9607-2960.

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