Chrome Horse Motorcycles Swan Song

Will this custom motorbike will become a collection’s item?

IT’S ALWAYS sad to see a small family business closing its doors for the last time, especially when it’s been involved in the business of building bikes for more than 20 years. Paul and Manuel started customising bikes as a hobby, which became a passion and evolved into Natli Enterprises, back in 1985. As the business grew it moved several times into bigger premises. Over the years they won many awards with their custom bikes, both locally and overseas. I remember there was a period when they were heavily involved in trikes and won many national shows with them.

One of their last projects was the Chrome Horse, a street legit chopper which they could build to each customer’s individual taste and riding style. Every Chrome Horse was a bit different, and the best of all, they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Chrome Horse was built around the 113 ci El Bruto engine and combined many Australian and USA parts. When you put one on the dyno, it would pull a respectable 120 hp.

This Chrome Horse model will become a collection’s item and its value will grow. One of Australia’s icons has vanished forever but the memories of Natli Enterprise’s workmanship will exist as long as these beauties stay on our roads.

Let this article and the last photos be a tribute to everyone who was involved in the project.

words & pics by George

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