Tribal Iron Harley-Davidson Deuce

From front to rear, this Deuce has been chromed-plated or dressed in the most outstanding paint scheme one has ever seen.

MATT SINCOCK always wanted a Harley-Davidson, and when he came across this custom Deuce — the tribal paint job was just gob-smacking elaborate — he knew it was the right ride for him. 

The super slick S&S motor is 1850 cc and pumps out 125 hp at the rear wheel. 

“When you twist that throttle, you know you have plenty of juice under your arse,” Matt reckons. 

The short exhaust with a slight angle on the tail-pipe looks part and parcel on the stylish machine.

“And hell, man, it’s loud.”

There’s nothing more captivating than the swank-looking tribal billet rims. The 21-inch front wheel gives the ride a cool look, and while the rear isn’t over the top wide, there’s just enough rubber to add some style.

Every section of this custom Deuce complements each other, even down to the leather, low-slung, Saddlemen seat with a flame stitched pattern.

Mirrors are under-slung off the handlebars and make the frontal section of the Harley-Davidson look elegant. 

Matt reckons when he takes the Deuce out cruising, “It’s fantastic going into corners; it tracks well; and in the hills, it’s just brilliant.”

Matt’s bike is a custom/cruiser built for all riding requirements, and at the end of a day’s ride, he has a smile on his dial as big as a swiping bend.

Words & pics by Rags

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