Soul-Breaker Harley-Davidson Sportster Scramblers

TODAY we present the units 1 and 2 (Soul-Breaker Green and Soul-Breaker Red) of a Limited Edition of 10 units of new Harley-Davidson Sportster Scramblers customised by Lord Drake Kustoms. Many people told the owner of Lord Drake Customs, Fran Manen, that it was impossible to make a Harley-Davidson Scrambler more radical. And here is his answer—these spectacular Sportster Scramblers that have been transformed entirely in the Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Malaga (Spain).

As always, we have two rules in Lord Drake Kustoms to which we remain loyal: “Always make different bikes” and “Nothing is impossible”. These motorcycles are proof of that.

These Sportster Scramblers can BREAK your heart and your SOUL as soon as you see it… that’s why Fran has named them Soul-Breakers.

Currently, the first unit (Soul-Breaker Green) circulates on the roads of Austria; the second unit (Soul-Breaker Red) went to London (UK).

Lord Drake Kustoms ship motorcycles worldwide so you can order yours right now and choose the colours, numbers or side graphics, and some other details, of this limited series of 10 units… only 8 units left!

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